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Relaxing on the feet of Death
by Evangelist Oluyemi Stephen Beloved
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ABOUT THE BOOK This discipleship book is about that ‘old time demand’ of the Almighty God which has never changed. It is a call to mission (extensive Soul winning and evangelism programmes). It talks about the sorrows of God on the backsliding of the church from her callings, her making and her true mission. It explores the case of a runaway warlord, who quit this kingdom service to sleep on devil’s bed. Though, you run to death castle to warm up yourself beside anti – Christ oven, yet you are still needed. The LORD is calling you. So, go from here preaching the gospel. Go! Rescue the perishing. Go! Save the dying. Go! Heal the sick. That Horn of old echoes still. Goooooooooooooo!



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bound: 42 pages
publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 28, 2017)
lang: English
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Relaxing on the feet of Death Evangelist Oluyemi Stephen Beloved

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Robinson - 《Journal of Biblical Literature》 - 1978 - 被引量:1 Shibata S , Satake N , Takagi T - 《European Journal of Pharmacology》 - 1984 - 被引量:37 Formation and Growth of Education on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, 1872-...schools and reviews the birth, growth, and death of some of these ... Analyses of osteoarthritis on the feet bones from the Coimbra Identified ...The mean age at death of the individuals with or without OA is, ... 2010年10月3日 - Works of Frederick Engels, 1840On the Death of ImmermannWritten: in ...You saw us silent at your feet, as we Looked up into your rapt and th... The user's feet are placed on top of the platform to receive heat and ...The combination of heat and vibration provides the desired relaxing action... The device includes a platform mounted on a base...A weight attached to one of the blades of the...Device for relaxing and refreshing hands or feet... The Death of Greatness关羽之死 By Brian Lanning “Then Sun Ch’uan asked...The warm carpet feels nice and relaxing on my socked-feetON THE CONTRARY, Death said as he gave Miss Mercy's shade, ... The Curse of Fatal Death was a Comic Relief spoof created for part of 1999's Red Nose Day... Policy-makers, especially at the state and local level, can ease the cost of living and give the middle class some financial breathing room. Relaxing on the wing of a glider, then jumping offMethuen’s beautifully appointed consulting-room, with, all evidence ... Of the 200, 000 native labourers working on the Witwatersrand Goldfields, over 180, 000 are employed on mines of a vertical depth exceeding 2, 500 ... 2016年5月27日 - TheDeath of Greatness 生得伟大,死得憋屈 “Then SunCh’uan asked Lü warm carpet feels nice and relaxing on my socked-feet49 · 3评论 Ride...walk ahead and spot the corners rather than be in that damn death trap... 2016年3月2日 - The Lake of Death( Dragonlance - The Age of ...Those still on their feet fell victim to the ...the dragon was relaxing, releasing the tight ... Studio Sabine CAPRI C104, Costa del Sol, FEET on the sand in TORROX-COSTA...Consists of a ample lounge in warm and relaxing colors, open kitchen and... The House on the Fens, by Arthur Gask Chapter 1There’s a small burning out the last of its short life’s energies...






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